Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there shuttle service?

A: Yes, round-trip shuttle service to and from the port, up to 4 persons is included in your reservation (the value of this service is equivalent to $10 per person each way).

Q: What if I need to make a change on my reservation?

A: You can contact Customer Services at (888) 510-1317 for any changes concerning your reservation.

Q: What is the address of the parking facility?

A: The garage is located at 190 Northeast 3rd Street, Miami, Florida 33132. Please bear in mind that the entrance of this Garage has a Maximum Height Restriction of 7 feet.

Q: How far is the parking lot from the port?

A: We are officially the closest Covered Garage Facility to the port, conveniently located just half a mile from all the Cruise Terminals, a 5 minute shuttle ride.

Q: Do you have covered parking?

A: Yes, it’s all covered parking 24/7, since it is inside a garage.

Q: What if I need an additional day on my reservation?

A: You can either reserve the additional day(s) on our website or pay at the JETPORT Customer Service Desk, located at Level 1 on the Southeast corner of the garage. You can also contact Reservation Services at (888) 510-1317 to have your reservation updated.

Q: What are the rates?

A: The current rates are posted on this website and are subject to change without notice. Note: Daily Rates are for 24 hour periods, therefore half day charge on your day of Arrival as well as your day of Departure. Daily advertised rate includes parking fee, round-trip shuttle service and ancillary services. You will never be billed more than the advertised daily rate.

Q: How can I make my reservation with Miami Port Parking?

A: You may make your reservation on this website or contact Customer Service at toll free (888) 510-1317.

Q: When will I have to pay once I make my reservation with Miami Port Parking?

A: Your credit/debit card will be charged once you make your reservation online or by phone.

Q: Upon arriving to the Miami Port Parking facility, what documents do I need to bring?

A: Please bring along a copy of your confirmation that was emailed to you. You can either print out this form or show it on your smart phone, at your arrival.

Q: Do you provide assistance with handicap persons and luggage?

A: Yes, we do provide assistance for both but you must first check in with our office upon your arrival. We recommend using the SOUTH entrance (corner of NE 2nd Avenue and 2nd Street) and then enter the office to notify one of our staff members. Tips are always appreciated by our staff.

Q: Do I need to leave my keys with the lot attendant?

A: No. This is a self parking facility. Be sure to park your vehicle head in, in any available space and take your keys with you. Please remember to lock your vehicle and hide any valuables out of sight as a precaution.

Q: What is the schedule for the shuttle service?

A: Shuttle services commence at 8:00am and ends at 3pm between the JETPORT Facility and the Port of Miami. If for some reason you arrive later than 3pm, you may still park your vehicle, but will have to make your own transportation arrangement to your Cruise Line.

Q: Will the shuttle driver pick me up from the seaport?

A: Shuttle service is round trip and is included in your paid reservation. Shuttle service for four (4) people per car is included with each reservation ($10 value per person each way). Additional passengers above 4 people will be charged for their shuttle service. This fee will be collected at the Customer Service Desk, prior to boarding your Shuttle Bus.

Q: I originally reserved my cruise parking online for four (4) passengers only, now I arrive with two more people. To whom do I pay the additional shuttle fees?

A: You may pay the additional shuttle fees at the JETPORT Customer Service Desk.

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: As per the "Terms and Conditions" that you agreed to when you made a booking on this website, you may cancel your reservation at any time, prior to your check in time and date. Upon cancellation, you will only be charged a flat fee of $8.00. But if you should cancel within 24 hours of your reserved check in time, you will be charged the cancellation fee of $8.00 plus one day’s rate. However, the following are additional conditions you've agreed to when placing your reservation on this website:

Conditions for Absolutely No Refunds:

a) A garage entry ticket was pulled from the machine and your vehicle was parked in one of our garages!

b) Not being able to board your cruise (eg: improper or missing travel documents, being late boarding, unable to board your cruise due to health reasons...etc.)!

c) Returning to pick up your vehicle prior to the check out date on reservation (eg: early cruise disembarkation at a foreign port, health reasons...etc.)!

d) Asking for a cancellation and refund, after the check in time and date on your reservation!

e) Failure to follow any of the instructions printed on the confirmation that was emailed to you when you made your reservation, such as exiting the garage after JetPort Office hours (8:00 am to 3:30 pm) and having to pay the machine because your entry ticket wasn't validated according to procedures!

Conditions to receive only a Credit Voucher, redeemable for 1 year:

a) Your cruise line cancelled or postponed your reservation (eg: weather related emergency, health reasons as advised by CDC/Health Dept...etc.)!

We apologize that we cannot provide 100% refunds for cancellations. By purchasing a reservation online from or from an MPP attendant, you understand and agree that a 100% refund will not be provided to you if you choose to cancel your reservation, under the above specified conditions.

Q: How do I request a cancellation of my reservation?

A: You may send an email to or call Customer Service at (888) 510-1317 to cancel your reservation. Cancellations and refunds will be granted if the cancellation is done within our guidelines (refer to above Cancellation Policy). Please allow up to Five (5) business days for your cancellation request to be fully processed. Refunds are usually posted on accounts within five (5) business days but it can take up to thirty (30) days before it is reflected on your statement, depending on your credit card company's policies and procedures.

If you need further assistance or clarification, you may contact customer service at (888) 510-1317 or send an email to A representative will follow up with you via email or by telephone depending on your preference.